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Supertech Instruments gives you 3 years of full warranty by default. For electronic products the warranty period is 5 years and even longer in exceptional cases (according to special discussions).


>>  Temperature Management in Physiology and in Biology

          The following products are described on this page:

          - Physiological - Biological Temperature Controller

          - Small Animal Heating Pads

          - Precision Biological Temperature Meter

          - Heater for Microscope Stage

          - Tunnel Heater with Heating Pad


>>  Vibration Isolation Tables, Optical Tables and Damping Plates

          The following products are described on this page:

          - Active Pneumatic Vibration Isolation Tables

          - IVF Table

          - Quiet Air Compressor

          - "Optical" Hole Pattern, and "Optical" Breadboards

          - Double-Storied (Dual Layer or Two Decker) Top Plate

          - Vertical Spinning Disk Adaptor

          - Elastomeric Vibration Isolation Tables

          - Damping Plates

          - Big-load Elastomer Vibration Isolator Cone Unit


>>  In-line Solution Heaters


>>  Microscope Stage Incubator and CO2 Controller


>>  Biological Amplifiers  (comparison chart of our models)

          >>  MultiAmp  multichannel amplifier system for biology

          >>  BioAmp  universal amplifiers for biology

          >>  LinearAmp  signal conditioner amplifiers

          >>  Preamplifiers and Accessories  for electrophysiology and for brain research


>>  BioStim Biological Stimulator System

          The following products are described on this page:

          - BioStim Dual-processor Controller

          - BioStim Computer Interface

          - Monopolar Battery-supplied Floating End-stage (Stimulus Isolator)

          - Bipolar Battery-supplied Floating End-stage (Stimulus Isolator)

          - Battery Manager

          - Monopolar Floating End-stage (Stimulus Isolator) Without Battery

          - Fast LED Driver End-stage

          - Fiber Optic Transmitter and Fiber Optic Receiver


>>  Mouse and Neonatal Rat Stereotaxic Frame Adaptor


>>  Elpho-EEG  frequency content analysis software for intracranial EEG


>>  Dual-Superfusion Slice Chamber Insert


>>  Pressure Measurement in Biology


>>  Force Measurement in Biology


>>  3D Accelerometer  for biological research and for vibration measurement


>>  In-vivo and In-utero Electroporator


>>  Electrophoretic (Iontophoretic, Ionophoretic) Equipments  (comparison chart)

          >>  IonFlow Bipolar  single-channel, high-voltage, general purpose electrophoretic equipment

                for microelectrode research applications

          >>  IonFlow Modular  multichannel, modularly expandable version of IonFlow Bipolar,

                with an additional current compensating channel (to use multibarrel electrodes)

          >>  IonFlow Pro  high-voltage electrophoretic equipment for all general human (such as dental,

                trans-dermal and cosmetic) applications


>>  Behavioral Physiology of Lab Animals

          The following products are described on this page:

          - Modular Behavioral System

          - DC Shocker Controller

          - DC Shocker

          - Dual DC Shocker

          - AC Shocker

          - Touch Detector for Monkey


>>  Monitor System for Veterinary Use  (technical details will be published soon)


>>  Perfusion (Pharmacological) Equipments

          The following products are described on this page:

          - Perfusion Valve Controllers

          - DC Stimulator


>>  Precision Mechanical Devices


>>  Designing, Prototyping and Manufacturing of Special Equipments


All products of Supertech Instruments have got CE identifier and certificate.


The measuring equipments manufactured by Supertech Instruments are for experimental and/or lab animal purposes only and are not intended for human use.


The above list of products is not exhaustive. We manufacture many products, but we are always working on new development tasks. For the currently available experimental designs, prototype level equipments and pilot series versions please call or email us.