Designing, prototyping and manufacturing of special equipments


In the long history of Supertech Instruments we have worked on many research and development projects. This continuous effort of our specialists resulted such a huge number of products we have developed until now.


As it was in the past, it is actual in the present time as well, that Supertech Instruments is open to join to your new research or development projects. The unit fee of our development staff (design engineers, physicists, biologists, etc.) and the unit fee of our labour cost can be looked up in the Price List.


If you have got an idea to develop, but you have no enough resources, technology, experience, experts, capital, etc., please do not hesitate to contact us. In such cases there are a lot of questions to discuss, but in the past we could always find a way to start, to continue, and to finish the development projects. Supertech Instruments has got its own financial resourses to finance development tasks, too. We are open for further discussions in every situation.



Dr. Csaba Niedetzky, PhD

  head electronic engineer

      managing director