Preamplifiers and Accessories for electrophysiology and for brain research


The actual choice of the preamplifiers manufactured by Supertech Instruments:


All of them can be built with

    - single-ended input

    - differential inputs

    - monopolar or differential (switchable)


Headstages (very small Premplifiers)

    - Monopolar (choice: 1 - 16 channels)

    - Differential (choice: 1 - 16 channels)

    - ECG or EEG cable-end version (choice: 3 - 24 channels)



An example:


1-channel Monopolar Preamplifier (headstage) for BioAmp in cylindrical enclosure able to be moved by micromanipulators:


        Click on the picture to get it in full size



Quality assurance


The crucial features of the amplifier ICs, what are continuously developed by the semiconductor manufacturers are:

    - Noise (signal to noise ratio)

    - Offset voltage

    - Offset drift (thermal stability)

    - Input bias current

    - Transient response

    - Bandwidth (slew rate)


The topology of the electronic amplifier circuits are similar at the different amplifier manufacturers. The differences are arisen from the different IC models used in the preamplifiers. Our engineers make huge efforts to learn, measure, and compare the newest ICs of different semiconductor manufacturers. Supertech Instruments changes the IC models used in the preamplifiers, if a better IC model appears on the market. This way we can keep our electronic circuits up-to-date, because always the most sophisticated ICs are implemented in our preamplifiers.



Accessories for microelectrode amplifiers


1 kVA mains isolation transformer with symmetrical secondary coil, in aluminum enclosure

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Single Unit Spike Detector (Level Discriminator)

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