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Celebrating the  25th  Anniversary of Supertech Instruments




Instrumentation for

      Electrophysiology,   Brain research,   EEG,   Biology,

            Multichannel recording,   Electronics,   Laser accessories,   Vibration Isolation,

                  Pharmacology,   Genetics,   Neurobiology,   Neurology,   Biophysics,   Brain surgery,   Cardiology



Find-a-cheaper-equipment challenge


Is your budget limited? Does every cent count? Do you want to get the very best lab equipment of its price range? We're offering you a new challenge! As our regular clients know for a fact, we haven't increased the prices of our products for years. Now we want to convince everyone of our cost-friendliness. In our new scheme, we challenge you to find a similar electronic product in the market and if you submit proof that it's cheaper than ours, you can purchase our trusty and professional equipment (with 5 years of full warranty) on THAT more favorable price. Sounds like a bargain? Contact us!



Short list of Supertech Instruments products  (the complete list is on the Products page)


>>  Temperature Management in Physiology and in Biology

>>  Vibration Isolation Tables, Optical Tables and Damping Plates

>>  In-Line Solution Heaters

>>  Microscope Stage Incubators and CO2 Controller

>>  Biological amplifiers  (comparison chart of the different models)

          >>  MultiAmp  multichannel amplifier system for biology

          >>  BioAmp  universal amplifiers for biology

          >>  LinearAmp  signal conditioner amplifiers

          >>  Preamplifiers and Accessories  for electrophysiology and for brain research

>>  BioStim universal stimulator system for biology

>>  Mouse and Neonatal Rat Stereotaxic Frame Adaptor

>>  Elpho-EEG  frequency content analysis software for intracranial EEG

>>  Dual-Superfusion Slice Chamber Insert

>>  Pressure measurement in biology

>>  Force measurement in biology

>>  3D Accelerometer  for small animals

>>  In-vivo and In-utero Electroporator

>>  Electrophoretic (iontophoretic, ionophoretic) equipments  (comparison chart)

          >>  IonFlow Bipolar

          >>  IonFlow Modular

          >>  IonFlow Pro

>>  Behavioral conditioning of animals

>>  Perfusion (pharmacological) equipments

>>  Precision mechanical devices